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1.When can I submit a paper?
A paper can be submitted once the journal calls for paper.

2.Can I submit a paper even though the journal has not called for paper?
Yes, but we strongly recommend you to submit once it is announced.

3.How can I submit my paper for journal publication?
Prospective authors should submit their full Papers, for Journal publication after reading the "Submit Article Page". The receipt of paper submission will be confirmed via e-mail within three working days. In case you have not received confirmation for the receipt of Papers, please contact us at

4.Can I find instructions for paper composition?
Visit the "Submit Article Page" for instructions.

5.What is the criterion of selection of papers for journal publication?
 Peer reviewed papers are selected for journal publication

6.Is co-author ship permitted?
Yes, a maximum of two persons per paper.

7.My question is not listed in FAQs. Who do I contact?
Please send your queries at

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