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About Us


The Penstand Journal is a double-blind Peer review academic journal, published online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles on the field of Law or Social Science. We believe that writing is an art that cannot be justified with sums of remuneration. So we charge no fees for pre/post publication and so the entire selection of articles is based on raw merit. If you can write, we will publish it.


Let me tell you a story.
Long time back when I was in Law School, I had a friend who was a very talented writer. Not only law articles, but he was a master of literature as well. Everyone applauded him when he went to the stage and read his work. He was surely a master of words. A phase came into our lives when we were told how important our CV's needed to be if we were to land up in great jobs. For that, we needed to work. Like work seriously. Publish articles, Present papers and so on. My friend and I decided to get a paper published individually. One fine day we sent our papers to this 'reputed' journal and waited for it to get published. We got our emails from that 'reputed' journal saying that we needed to pay them for getting our papers published. Let me not lie to you, I am an average writer more like pathetic. I was not even expecting it to get published. But I was more than 100% sure that my friend's work was of great quality. We decided to call the Journal and ask them why they needed money? They told us rampantly that it was 'publication fees' and it needed to be delivered into someone's bank account and not a company account. I knew it was not worth it. So I told my friend that he should get his article published where his work was appreciated and was not only a money minting tool for someone.
So, this Journal is made and dedicated to all the Law Students like my friend who deserves to be appreciated for their work and work only. This Journal is By the Law Students, For the Law Students and Of the Law Students. 


Dr. Sharafat Ali
Principal (Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun)

Mrs. Reeta Rautela
Assistant Professor (Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun)

Mrs. Devika Rana
Assistant Professor (Siddhartha Law College, Dehradun)

Advocate Mohit Negi
Advocate (Dehradun District Court)


Mr. Avishek Pradhan
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Vasvi Shukla
Mr. Ankit Singh

Ms. Namrata Choudhary
Ms. Ruchita Verma
Mr. Ronit Ray
Mr. Anveet Dev
Ms. Shradhanjali Parida

Harsh Mahaseth     Moumita Mandal     Hitendra V. Hiremath
Smita Angadi         Abhigyan Maharishi     Abhijeet Kumar Pandey
Abhinav Mishra     Biswaroop Mukherjee     Amit Singhal
Ankit Bhandari     Animesh Bordoloi     Ankita Aseri
Anushka Mittal     Astha Satapathy     Subrata Sattapathy
Divya Singh     Abhishek Tripathi     Gaurav Hooda
Madhur Jhavar     Hardik Gautam     Mayank Samuel
Neeti Rana     Prakash Khinchi     Priyal Bohra
Prashna Samaddar     Priyam Jain     Pranjal Jain
Amit Dhall     Rajnish Jindal     Ratnesh Dwivedi
Roma Bhojani     Kahkashan Jabin     Shreet Raj Jaiswal
Shriya Badgaiyan     Siddharth Badkul     Prashant Kumar
Shubhang Gomasta     Tejasv Anand     Yash Karunakaran   

The Penstand Communications

The Penstand Journal is proudly based in Dehradun (248001) and Darjeeling (734101) in India.

If you want to be a part of our Editorial team then please send us your updated CV at

  • All the authors published in The Penstand Journal automatically become the members of The Penstand Journal. 
  • There are no fees taken for being a member of The Penstand Journal.
  • The Penstand Journal may organise competitions in order to elect members for The Penstand Journal.

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